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Just posting an idea I had for s story.

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8:58 AM

dude, that is so freakn dope!    

9:28 AM

I love it !    

11:29 AM

DAMN man; that's bloody savage!

Love it.    

5:37 AM

Thanks fellas. Always appreciated.    

2:23 PM

Comics eh? Are these pieces all done with an ink brush solely?    

2:45 PM

Hey Adam. Yeah, all done with a brush, but I do have to admit, it's hard controlling circular objects. You can tell by some of the wonly lines, haha. I should use a nib for that.    

4:55 PM

dude I hate how good you are. Nice to see you bloggin again, foo.    

2:22 AM

Cool! Gangsters on the move. Gotta love those details. :D buy aion account    

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